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This is the most idiotic ranting I have ever seen on this site. Somebody please beat some sense into Sonyroolz. Then again, just beat the crap out of him.
I can't believe this brain-dead fanboy just called the greatest 16-bit console of all time a "Super Turd". I'll bet he has never even owned or at least rented a Super Nintendo in his life.
by sarcastic November 25, 2003

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a huge piece of shit that doesn't wanna flush/and or clogs the the toilet bowl.
wtf did you do to the toilet man!!! this shit won't flush!!! you took a super turd, didn't you?!?
by ape of war April 15, 2008
A turd so huge it makes you overstretch your shitcrack.
That superturd totally wrecked my crapper the other day.
by The Great Retardo September 25, 2008