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A troll with an unusually high IQ. Usually lurks in forums and attempts to bait unintelligent posters into arguments that they cannot win. Is witty enough to fend himself from victims with multiple accounts and other forum users that come to victim's aid. Usually leaves a 15 page thread in his wake and makes the victim look like a complete asstard.
1) OMG that asian kid is trolling the politics forum again he is such a super troll!
by TitoOrtizSux December 27, 2006
A super troll is a super breed of trolls. Unlike normal trolls, super trolls are relentless and will stop at nothing to bombard the victim(s) with hate messages, threats, and more. They are violent, angry, and hate everything. Their natural habitats consist of some social media sites but are mostly found on YouTube.
What a super troll would say to a victim(s): "F*ck you, go kill yourself you worthless piece of sh*t! I'll pour bleach down your throat and burn you alive!"
by xXLEGENDARYXx March 18, 2015
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