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A tow truck capable of towing other super tow trucks
I saw a super tow truck towing another one. The two of them combined equaled the length of a big rig.
by Bungalow Bill October 19, 2001
a type of vehicle needed after a long night of drinking. You will need a super tow truck to get your drunk ass home without injury to self or others. A super tow truck should include a flat bed (for the intoxicated to rest on)and a winch (a cable wire that can be attached to you so that drunks can be pulled out of bushes, ditches, and gutters.
I needed a super tow truck on Saturday. Meaning you were extra drunk and possibly blacked out. Remember not to confuse this with needing a regular tow truck on a night where you got just moderatley hammered!!!
by Ryan-Tow February 19, 2004
A tow truck so big that the natural curve of the earth causes it to teeter
The super tow truck looks like a see saw stretched from San Francisco to New York!
by Bungalow Bill October 19, 2001
A large tow truck much bigger than a semi, and with a density that rival collasped atoms. This truck is located at the center of the earth and is responsible for 99% of gravity on this planet.
Billy build another super tow truck in his garage and upon completion it tunneled to the center of the earth and once combined to tow the first truck, created a gravity well so massive it destroyed the earth and altered the center of mass of the solar system.
by Anonymous October 09, 2002
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