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some one who is crazy good at what they do. does not have to be black
Bret Farve is a super nigga
by super nig May 25, 2008
A really fat black person
Jessica: Yo Melissa, did you see that super nigga with that big ass beaver?
Melissa: I suuuuure did. I wish I had big beaver...
by mark mcdoy May 16, 2006
An extremely hyphy person from the hood, usually, but not exclusively, black. Someone who exemplifies the street.

Also a term popularized in Bone Crusher's song Super Niggas
"Man! You see D-Miles throw down over him and head knock the whole way down the court? What a super nigga!"
by Wenatchee Warrior September 10, 2007
Someone who always quick to help you, without you asking them. They usaually don't wait to hear the entire question. They don't have to be black.
Boss: Can someone plz.........................

Super nigga: I Can!

Boss: ..................flush the toliet?
by Soulsocker August 29, 2010
A black person directly from Africa in America
A person from Africa who may not appear to be black, but has African descent or directly from Africa is a super nigga
by lj4 April 25, 2010