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When you can just tell a hispanic person is so mexican it comes out in everything they do.
Dude 1: Dude look at Juan. He keeps eating tacos and always wears sombreros and has like 20 kids.

Dude 2: Yeah I know, he's so super mex!
by Not a Mexican. July 17, 2012
Professional wrestler Shawn " Hotstuff" Hernandez. Is a freakishly strong, musclebound hispanic man, but extremely agile for a man his size or any man, for that matter. he is known for a plethora of powebomb-variations(most notably The "Border-toss") and high-risk maneuvers hurling himself to the outside of the ring. Also, he is known among certain wrestlers as " not fair.", because of his look, strength, agility and the fact that he's probably a nice guy to top it off.
Don West: " SUPERMEX! SUPERMEX! SUPERMEX! what a dive to the outside, by Hernandez!"

Don West: "My GOD, Mike, Hernandez just threw him clear across the ring with that border-toss!"

Digruntled-wrestler: " Goddamn that Hernandez...he's just not fair."
by We grow chickens, son July 22, 2008

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