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the act of ejaculating copious amounts, upwards of two fluid ounces, onto a woman's face
Dude, I gave that bitch a super facial. The looked like a crispy creme!
by jeff clement June 14, 2008
When three or more men masturbate onto a woman’s face. Way more than the normal facial.
Man 1: She can’t see a thing, let’s leave before she asks for money.
Man 2: Can anyone tell if she’s breathing?
Man 3: That was some Superfacial, biach!!
Man 4: Are you OK Ma’am?
Woman: I wish you would address me a Senator! I worked very hard for that title.
by Conservenative July 09, 2009
Any shallow person and\or emo wearing or using too much make-up and/or spunk.
Random High School Clique Member #1: "Oh look, there's the popular girls table; Kelsey, Chelsey, and Ashley!"

RHSCM #2: "Gawd yes, a more intense group of superfacials, you will never meet."

RHSCM #1: "LMJAO, lets go boot up the spycam! Gym they have afta lunch!"


Emo #1: "That was some superfacial action you and 4evdrk and FFah did me yest. I hadta wash my scarf."

Emo #2: "Whatev. It's not a choice, dude. Let's kiss. Here, in front of the laptop."
by Tripod66 November 05, 2013
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