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Supdawg is an American slang greeting. It is a heavily corrupted contraction of the properly phrased question "What is up, Dog?". It's genesis is rooted in the American inner city neighborhoods of the 1980s where it has fluorished in the Hip Hop music subculture. It is notably in extremely heavy usage in the West Loop area of downtown Chicago centering on the intersection of Clinton and Van Buren streets.
Example 1
Person 1: Supdawg!
Person 2: Supdawg!

Example 2
Person 1: Supdawg?
Person 2: Nothin'
by Supdawg November 22, 2004
A combination of the words sup and dawg to sound cool when talking to someone at the beginning of a conversation
A- "Yo sup dawg."
B- "Get that large black hairy dick out of your mouth!"
by blahblah1234432 December 11, 2010
This term originated on as a strange slang for the Toyota Supra turbo. Typically, a "Supdawg" is of the 1994 or newer model.
"Damn, you just got smoked by the supdawg!"

"Tonight we're taking Johnny's mustang out and we're gonna hunt us some supdawgs!"
by Jason AKA Huggles May 25, 2004
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