A move that is a suck up. Abbreviated form.
That was a sup move you just did saying sorry.
by Lil'Dice June 03, 2004
"Sup" is a gaming term meaning that you got a better score on X than someone else, or even multiple people. (verb)
"It takes a great deal of skill to sup Joey at his shooting game."
by Engler at FFR August 23, 2007
to drink alchol (usually beer)
fred u supped a cup supped is plural form of sup
by jake knaust December 15, 2003
A word used by uneducated Neanderthals instead of the grammatically correct " 's up"
s'up Leroy?
by Leroy Darcell August 05, 2011
This word originated from african americans. Politically correct term 'Niggers'.
'Sup meaning Wassup which then derives from "What's up?". In other words, "What is happening?".
This makes a great greating.
Nigger 1: 'sup g dog?
Nigger 2: shut yo mouth before i bust a cap in yo ass homie biatch!
Nigger 1: Nigger please
Nigger 3: 'sup my nigger brothers
Nigger 1/2: word
by influxsys December 13, 2004
A dumb ass word that somebody uses who IS a dumbass and can't find another word for the dumbass word "s'up"
"s'up my nigga", while normal people would say someting like "yo my nigga, what's goin on G?"
by Katelyn Boobs September 14, 2005
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