The act of saying what's up to several members of the same sex, or, several what's up to one individual. When saying sups to one individual, you would be emphasizing hotness.
Damn, you see those broads up there, quick open the window, I'm gonna sups them! "Suuuuups girls, where you from?"
by Love King 604 September 07, 2011
Work-out supplements that slugs at West Point take three weeks prior to Christmas/Easter/summer break, to aid in their pathetic attempts at increasing their bicep size or getting a 6-pack
Yo dude Christmas is coming up, we better go get some sups from GNC.
by super slug November 09, 2009
The word lazy people use when they think that they are cool for being "lazy"
Sup Bro
by Sillywonder February 18, 2015
you have just been friendzoned.
guy texts a girl: hey beautiful
girl replies: sup
by jess26 October 15, 2014
A contracted form of "What is up" or "What's up". See "What is up".
Seeing some friends, I often say "sup" to start a conversation and to see what they are up to.
by Scottmana September 15, 2007
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