whats up
sup yo?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
1. Abbreviated form of 'wassup' which derives from "What's up?" Used as a general greeting or a brief 'how are you' by people who are too hip for full sentences.

2. (adj) Used to describe anything which is too cool for outdated words like "cool".
1. Un-suarve kid: "Hey man." Suarve kid: "sup?"
2. That picture is totally sup. Your hair is totally sup. I am totally sup.
by Tianana June 20, 2007
A word coined in the middle age phrase "Time for SUPper, young olympian", which later changed to "Time for sup, young chap" and now it is commonly used to describe the short "meal" between lunch and dinner.
It is time for the short meal between lunch and dinner, Scotty, so come and eat up your sup.
by George Foreman May 10, 2003
another way of saying yo of hello to your homies or mates
"sup home boy wat u at"
by Deano A.K.A Ali g October 07, 2006
Noun: A slang term used for alcohol, generally by those of English, Irish, or Scottish descent.
Dicey Riley has taken to the sup.
by O'Mally December 18, 2005
sup (query) bastardisation of the phrase "what is up" A lazy way of expressing the mind numbing boredom of unstructured young minds.
Dunna know.
Jew eat?
No jew?

this is an actual converstaion between several teens from Simi Valley in the L.A basin.
by Priz Biz Sage June 08, 2005
a.)A lazy version of What is up?
b.)Yeah that's right
a.) Sup girl. I tried calling you last night
b.)I scored 3 goals last night. Sup!
by Serenita March 27, 2004

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