whats up
sup yo?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
Sup! is a greeting/verb. It defines meeting a female talking to or boning her.
Hi grandma! I sup!ped the shit out of this chick yesterday...she was good! Sup!
by IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO I AM July 26, 2009
British upper-class term for an evening meal; a shortening of the word supper.
Hugo: "I tell you what Johnny, I'm rather famished!"
Johnny: "Well Hugo, why don't we do sups soon?"
Hugo: "Spiffing idea, old chap."
by Hanari M April 24, 2007
If one sips his own drink, one sups someone elses drank.
That looks good. Either give me a dollar er give me a sup of yors.
by Timothy Wooton September 21, 2006
It came from the lazy people behind words such as hi, and yo shidigidy. Means how are you.
Sup homeyo
by Homefrog January 29, 2004
1. Abbreviated form of 'wassup' which derives from "What's up?" Used as a general greeting or a brief 'how are you' by people who are too hip for full sentences.

2. (adj) Used to describe anything which is too cool for outdated words like "cool".
1. Un-suarve kid: "Hey man." Suarve kid: "sup?"
2. That picture is totally sup. Your hair is totally sup. I am totally sup.
by Tianana June 20, 2007
A word coined in the middle age phrase "Time for SUPper, young olympian", which later changed to "Time for sup, young chap" and now it is commonly used to describe the short "meal" between lunch and dinner.
It is time for the short meal between lunch and dinner, Scotty, so come and eat up your sup.
by George Foreman May 10, 2003

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