whats up
sup yo?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
The abbreviated woard of 'what's up' which is a cool greeting.
by I-Proper-Gangsta July 28, 2010
It is used by people who arn't sure on how to start a convo so will say "sup" instead. It is also an abbreviation of the phrase "what's up?". When someone says "sup" it is often a retorical question and is followed by either no answer at all or a stupid answer such as "the sky".
*Dude101 enters the room*
Dude101: Sup people?
chatter:the moon
Dude101: lol

jake: sup man?
bob: not alot.
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005
the greatest manga that has ever existed.
"Hello thar, Phil! did you buy the latest volume of Sup!? I hear Sup proposed to V-chan!"
by Mike Hunt February 05, 2005
Dates back to the fatass era. Shortened rendition of What is up?(What's up?)
Sup, holmes
Sup with that hoe?
by Shadditude November 28, 2004
pronounced "soup". short for super.
i got sup high!!

i'm sup hungry
by whalebonersex September 03, 2009
- Verb, to inquire as to what is up with someone
"Xeno entered the convo and everyone supped him."
"Lamey entered the convo. There was no supping."
by Antmonk October 25, 2008
half of the word whats up. Mostly used to reply to someone you hate.
erick: "Hey" (acting like a inocent little bitch)

keven: "sup" (in his mind he is thinking) im gonna kick his ass one day and make him gag on my cum.

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