whats up
sup yo?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
whats up
sup what u doing
by gurnademan March 24, 2010
what is happening?; what is going on?; how are you doing?
'Sup dude' 'hey guy, SUP'
by mArK TwAiN JR March 02, 2009
Femal version of Fap
This girl is making lot's of sup
by joouur April 06, 2011
the act of hitting on some chick in order to get some box or get to her friends box

andrew faggella's life
yo sup go check that hot snatch over there.... go sup it
by ayosup December 14, 2010
The abbreviated woard of 'what's up' which is a cool greeting.
by I-Proper-Gangsta July 28, 2010
pronounced "soup". short for super.
i got sup high!!

i'm sup hungry
by whalebonersex September 03, 2009
It is used by people who arn't sure on how to start a convo so will say "sup" instead. It is also an abbreviation of the phrase "what's up?". When someone says "sup" it is often a retorical question and is followed by either no answer at all or a stupid answer such as "the sky".
*Dude101 enters the room*
Dude101: Sup people?
chatter:the moon
Dude101: lol

jake: sup man?
bob: not alot.
by Aiden Lee November 06, 2005

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