whats up
sup yo?
by dilpgh May 03, 2003
A shortened form of the word 'supper'.
Boy: What're we having for sup today?
Mom: Your dad and I are getting roast beef, you're getting doggy biscuits.

Person 1: I had a good sup today
by Plan B January 24, 2005
This word can mean anything.

Generally, it is a shortened version of "What's up?"

However, it can also mean, "I stole your CD player." or a million other things, based on the tone of voice.
by Jesse August 11, 2003
When you're lazy and don't have the strenth, energy, or you just don't care to say "What's up?", just settle on "'S'up?".
"'S'up, homefrog? Howzit hangin' with choo?"
by Unknown July 17, 2003
adj., Samoan, Indicating something of extreme size especially pertaining to the cranial area.
Look at that dudes SUP head.
by Dr. "T" June 17, 2005
Way to say "hello"
Sup dogg?
by Anonymous_2 December 14, 2003
Short form for superior, used like great, excellent or gr8.
Sup is used with an ! while standard sup (meaning whats up) is used with an ?.
Mike: Dude, I like totally owned that bitch in WoW.
Paul: Sup bro!
by petrr July 14, 2006
1.the best band in the world.
2.another way of saying hello.
1. 'wow sup are playing at the white horse tonight!'
2. sup rodney
by tammy March 04, 2005

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