Sunshine is a slang word for Mephedrone, a drug that nobody knows much about and has been kept on the down low pretty well.
Its popping up everywhere, is very addictive, and the name Sunshine describes the feeling perfectly.
It's effects last between an hour to 3 hours or so depending on the potency and how much is taken. I'd compare the feeling to the body high of MDMA and the mental high of coke.
It causes jaw clenching and teeth grinding just like MDMA. Contrary to popular beliefs, the chemical in its pure form is not cut with coke or MDMA.
Don't buy a gram of this shit and expect it to last you longer than a night, and dont' expect not to blow money on it the next day, and the next.
I've seen what being addicted to this shit does to people, people don't think its addictive because there's barely any research on it. The first time you do it, after its over all you want is more. If a dealer gives you some for free, you will buy it afterwards, no question, unless you're very strong willed.
it's typically snorted, i've never heard of anyone swallowing it or smoking it or any other way.
This shit's too good, it's bad news.
Dan: Man, i'm shining so hard right now.
Me: That sunshine shit is addictive, be careful.
Dan: No its not, I don't need it. *Snorts the rest of his gram and proceeds to buy more*
by Igotsunshine000 September 12, 2010
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A cute affectionate word use to show enderment toward a significant other. If you are someones sunshine it means, you make their world brighter!!
Aishah is Roni's sunshine!! and Roni is Aishah's sunshine!!
by aishah m August 06, 2006
Sunshine is a special someone who gives light and warmth in your life. Someone who you want to wake up with just like sunshine and know that that is what gives you life. Someone who is really hot and brightens your day and your life.
Good morning sunshine!
by Sorry123 October 30, 2009
A name given to a good friend who enlightens your day. Usually a girl who doesn't look themself up on urban dictionary unless someone mentions it. She also has a mom who hasn't met you yet and is dieing too. Point is, sunshine is a great person who likes smiling :]
by Everyday Frost7z January 04, 2009
Pet name given to girls that are the light of your life. The name should only be used when you really care for the other person cuz if its overused, it'll loose it's worth
"You're my sunshine because you brighten up my day"
"You feel like a ray of sunshine in the morning"
"I love you, Sunshine <3"
by Nick09H August 20, 2011
Term which originated in the 60's to refer to LSD or Lysergic acid diethylamide, a very potent hallucinogenic drug derived from ergot, a grain fungus that typically grows on rye.LSD was accidentally discovered by swiss scientist Albert Hofmann in 1938. Later introduced into the counter-culture movement and ever since used recreationally for decades
"Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine!!", a dealer's scream to attract dead-head acid fiends at any commonplace psychedelic concert.
by Andres Demarchi October 23, 2006
someone (male or female) who is just your everything, they dont have to be someone you know personally they can be a famous person or even a fictional character, but its just someone you love and care for who makes you smile in your darkest times just by a simple action.
person 1: whos that person you're smiling at on your phone?
person 2: just my sunshine, they make me smile when im upset.
by Mrs. Hemmings February 16, 2014
a really chill guy who is always smiling and always brightening everyones day also a Cali term for surfers with bleach blonde hair and chill as fuck like a chuck
He's Such a sunshine
by calisunshine April 26, 2011
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