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A problem with a difficulty that only an expert could solve while expecting the same solution of a novice.
15. Consider a scenario in which a Host, A, wants to simultaneously send messages to Hosts B and C. A is connected to B and C via a broadcast channel -- a packet sent by A is carried by the channel to both B and C. Suppose that the broadcast channel connecting A, B, and C can independently lose and corrupt messages ( and so, for example, a message sent from A might be correctly received by B, but not by C). Design a stop-and-wait-like error-control protocol for reliably transferring a packet from A to B and C, such that A will not get new data from the upper layer until it knows that both B and C have correctly received the current packet. Give FMS descriptions of A and C. (Hint: The FSM for B should be essentially the same as for C.) Also, give a description of the packet format(s) used.

Student: Wow, that's sort of sunnish!
by Supertrontastic May 07, 2007
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