some teeth are there and some are not
Lady, did you see that bindle stalker? He had major summerteeth!
by shabbychic September 23, 2007
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Some are here and some are there...
Bart said, "She's good lookin but she has some Summer Teeth...I'd shrimp her anyway."
by Ali2 December 31, 2007
One person that is missing teeth either by extraction or rotten from poor hygiene.
Hey Joe look across the bar, man that bitch has summer teeth!

What's Summer Teeth? Sum are there and some are not!
by Dick Mc. May 07, 2008
some teeth are here and some are there. Someone who needed braces.
That peeler had a nasty set of summerteeth
by Raducha August 28, 2003
A term used to describe someone who has busted up teeth.
"Summerteeth go this way, Summerteeth go that way."
by Brye February 25, 2005
When someone has a lot of missing teeth.
Mannn, that dude has summer teeth!
What do you mean?
Summer here, summer there...
by BeckPot March 19, 2012
A reference to some are black, and some are missing.
I thought that gal was pretty good looking, until she smiled and I could see her summer teeth.
by gambinotoo October 27, 2007

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