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A girl that you meet during the summer, and become exclusive with only for summer. The relationship is usually finished before the fall semester with one recorded exception.
Guy 1-- Did you dump that girl yet?
Guy 2-- Of course I did, she was only a summer girl.
by 151Proof April 05, 2008
A group of girls that are different ages with some or most being underage.
A-"Look at all those summer girls!"
A-"Summer 18, summer 16 and summer 12."
B-"Who gives a fuck how old they are, let's see which one will fuck us or take an alaskan horseshoe."
by silkysmooth85 September 16, 2009
Linda Safar
A girl who you just want to fool around with for the summer and/or a girl you have a romance with during the summer time but when summer ends it also ends; Summer Girl
by Supafly728 October 23, 2009
Someone who has big boobs and knows shes hott. Usually all the guys love her and she is really pretty.
Dude look at that summer girl.
by the nutmeg hottie May 05, 2006
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