Sumbitch is a major character in the Graphic Novel "American Wasteland: Blood and Diesel" by R. D. Hall, Mark Kidwell, and Andrew Mangum. He is called that because it is the only word he can say.
Why are those vampires after Sumbitch?
by Jackson Davies January 14, 2008
Word commonly used by Stone Cold Steve Austin to describe one whom he dislikes and the fans dislike.
Austin 3:16 just whooped your sumbitch ass.
by Dick'ed November 15, 2007
AKA Son of a Bitch
Your mother is a bitch
Eat a dick you mother fucker. Dirty sumbitch, clean ma shoes!
by StrangerWithCandy March 05, 2003
A derogatory term for a despised math teacher or professor. Commonly applied to female teachers, but may describe a hated male math teacher as well.
That sumbitch failed me on that Trig exam because I didn't use appropriate units, Yo !
by dancinhomey February 13, 2010
To revert to someone uknown
Friend: Who the hell was that?
You: Sum Bitch
by Ace456987 November 27, 2005
An exclamatory interjection both positive and negative
sumbitch, I found some nugs.
I don't even have a lighter or papers, sumbitch.
by dj3p@hotmail[dot]com April 09, 2003
A dirty Redneck
"Ya Thievin sumbitch"
by Gus April 30, 2003

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