A kick ass band that never once called themselves punk (they even said they werent in Cross The T's And Gouge Your I's DVD)so to all the f$ckers who keep baggin on them because they are not "real punk" can stfu now.
Sum 41 is actually like alternative/rock
They have 4 badass albums out now: "Half Hour Of Power", "All Killer NO Filler", "Does This Look Infected?", and "Chuck". And I can tell you that they all kick ass.
"...and we're all to blame
we've gone too far, from pride to shame
we're trying so hard, we're dying in vain
we're hopelessly blissful and blind, to all we are
we want it all
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 14, 2004
sum 41 - a band that dosnt care what anyone thinks about what they like to write about or how they play their music. A band who isnt afraid to change their music! a truly outstanding band who kicks major ass!
sum 41, a truly remarkable band!
by shannon August 16, 2004
sum 41 rock and it doesnt matter wot all u haters say cos either way i will still like them it has to be said there first album was summthing to be improved and they have done that
but as for saying they are a disgrace to Canada that was uncalled for n u shud die
maybe ur a disgrace to wherever the hell u came from but no one is complainin are they NO exactly
sum 41 are the greatest thing since sliced spread
they rock
by Zoe March 12, 2004
A kickass band. All you people who hate Sum 41 are shitheads. So shove your retarded lame excuses for "insults" about Sum 41 up your ass because they are THE BEST BAND EVER. Git it thru yer head, asshole.
Simple and easy, Sum 41 rocks.
by Me. August 01, 2003
a band formed of: Deryck aka Bizzy D (guitar player and vocals), Dave aka Brownsound (guitar player), SteveO32 (drummer and vocals, sometimes) and Cone (bass guitar player and back up vocals, sometimes)
why the hell are you guys arguing whether or not sum 41 is "cool"? thats so immature!
by like, dude! May 28, 2003
The Greatest band ever
sum41 is the best band ever
by me August 18, 2004
I havent heard thier first album half hour of power but i love chuck + does this look infected when they moved on abit from the usual punk and went abit more metal and bla bla but yer ther great no matter what you want to call them
if you think they are posers thats your problem and you need help .bloop.
by ______ May 06, 2005

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