An awesome punk/rock band. Sum 41 is very talented and when performing live, they sound almost the exact same as they are on the album. (A lot of times, even better.). Deryck Whibley can write extremely powerful lyrics and his talent really shines in Screaming Bloody Murder, the 5th studio album that they released. Their fans are called "skumf*ks" and only the best fans can call themselves that. The band is currently made up of 4 members:

Deryck Whibley- lead singer, lead guitarist (Bizzy D)
Steve Jocz- drummer, vocals (Stevo 32)
Jason McCaslin- bassist, vocals (Cone)
Tom Thacker- guitarist, vocals (BrownTom)

*Tom Thacker replaced Dave Baksh- the original member of the band before his departure in 2006 to focus on his band Brown Brigade.

The band started out as a NOFX cover band called Kaspir with just Steve and Deryck. After that, they changed the name to Sum 41. Sum 41 was formed in 1996, 41 days into summer. (Hence the name.)

Before Dave left the band, Sum 41 had an alter ego band- Pain for Pleasure. They would dress like a 1980's heavy metal hair band by wearing leather jackets and crazy wigs. Stevo is the lead singer while Deryck plays the drums.

Sum 41 has released 5 studio albums so far.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see the Sum 41 concert last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, it was fucking awesome!
by AnonymousGirl11 January 26, 2013
A seriously kick ass band.

Current albums:

Chuck (Released October 12, 2004)

Does This Look Infected? (Released November 26, 2002)

All Killer No Filler (Released May 8, 2001)

Half Hour of Power (Released June 27, 2000)

My favorite songs by them are Thanks For Nothing (from DTLI) and Angels With Dirty Faces (from Chuck).
A totally kick ass band.
by Blahb April 22, 2005
Ehh they're okay!

A little gay and Canadian but we'll forgive them.
Whibley's a bit of a cunt!
by fagz suck March 15, 2005
To all you Sum 41 haters- Sum 41 never claimed to be punk. The lead singer (Deryck Whibley/Bizzy D) even said they're not a punk band. So how are they posers? Anyway its a band who's fans are mostly teeneies who only go to concerts cuz they wanna fuck with Deryck/Jay(Cone) Theres hardly any real fans left.
by Sum_Blue_Moon September 11, 2003
(ninja doesn't know what the fuck they'er talking about because sum 41 is the best band ever.
by alexandria June 30, 2003
a awesome sounding rock band that gets called fake punks whhen they never atually said they where a punk band.
sum 41 kicks major ass
by ryan December 08, 2004
A pretty good band. Didn't like how they went more metal on their last album, the sound was good on All Killer No Filler, but they can be excused. Oh yeah... they actually never said anything about being punk, they don't consider themselves punk.
Sum41... uh... writes music. I dunno, what kind of example do you give for a band anyway?
by Fugerko.? December 07, 2003
a) Fourty-One Days Until the Summer (Hence the band's name)
b) originally, punk-pop band from ajax, ontario, canada, (although now their sound ranges from metal to rap-rock).

Consists of Deryck (Bizzy D):vocals, guitar; Dave (Brownsound): Guitar, vocals; Jason (Cone): Bass and sometimes vocals; Steve (Stevo-32): Drums (and vocals/rapping on pain for pleasure or fat lip/what we're all about) (respectively)

Sum has released four full length albums and two dvds (as far as I'm aware; not counting what they did in Dem. Rep. Of Congo)

Albums: Chuck: 2004/ Does This Look Infected?/2002 All Killer No Filler/2001 Half Hour Of Power/2000
DVDS: Cross Your T's And Gauge Your Eyes, Does This Look Infected DVD.

Anyone who calls Sum 41 is a poser needs to either review what a poser is, stop having an anneurism, or go listen to some of their music. and those who call people who call sum41 posers posers are hypocrites. sorry guys, but everyone has opinion. just dont go around calling every band a poser. unless it's simple plan. thanks for your time.
a) Damnit, I'm Tired Of School. Oh, well; it's only sum 41.
b) Random: Going to the Sum 41 concert tonight?
Other: Yeah, man, it's gonna be dope.
(reference from video of "The Hell Song")
by falseintentionss December 30, 2005

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