An awesome punk/rock band. Sum 41 is very talented and when performing live, they sound almost the exact same as they are on the album. (A lot of times, even better.). Deryck Whibley can write extremely powerful lyrics and his talent really shines in Screaming Bloody Murder, the 5th studio album that they released. Their fans are called "skumf*ks" and only the best fans can call themselves that. The band is currently made up of 4 members:

Deryck Whibley- lead singer, lead guitarist (Bizzy D)
Steve Jocz- drummer, vocals (Stevo 32)
Jason McCaslin- bassist, vocals (Cone)
Tom Thacker- guitarist, vocals (BrownTom)

*Tom Thacker replaced Dave Baksh- the original member of the band before his departure in 2006 to focus on his band Brown Brigade.

The band started out as a NOFX cover band called Kaspir with just Steve and Deryck. After that, they changed the name to Sum 41. Sum 41 was formed in 1996, 41 days into summer. (Hence the name.)

Before Dave left the band, Sum 41 had an alter ego band- Pain for Pleasure. They would dress like a 1980's heavy metal hair band by wearing leather jackets and crazy wigs. Stevo is the lead singer while Deryck plays the drums.

Sum 41 has released 5 studio albums so far.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see the Sum 41 concert last night?
Guy 2: Yeah, it was fucking awesome!
by AnonymousGirl11 January 26, 2013
One of the greatest bands to ever walk on earth. Why are they good?

1. They're playing music for fun not money. (unlike some blink 182 crap)
2. They don't give a shit what other people think.
3. Every CD they get better.
4. They are like some of the greatest bands on earth (Tenacious D, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest) because they also don't play for fame or money.

Once, Tenacious D and Sum 41 teamed up and made a kick-ass song. And if Tenacious D likes Sum 41, then it's good enough for me.

Sum 41 is the cool version of Blink 182.
Sum 41= way better.

Rock on Bizzy D
Still deliver that Brown sound
cone it up
spaz out steve-o
Sum 41 is an ideal model band that everyone thinks is just like Blink 182 just because they're teenagers. Well you go to hell. You go to hell and you die.
by BiggyJee December 31, 2004
great music. i dont care wat genre they are. does that matter? if it matters to you, then ur just shallow. i rkn their songs sound good so imma listen to them. if you dont, screw you, go and listen 2 whatever music you listen to. theyre relly good n their lyrics make sense (unlike some other artists...)
sum 41 rocks!
tryhard judgemental loser: sum41 is such a poser band!
true sum 41 fan: go fuck urself they dont call themselves punk so how can they be posers
by nippith August 25, 2004
A pop punk (it means popular don't cry) band that's fun to listen too as long as you don't think they're the only good band on the planet.

From Ajax, Ontario.

And no i've never watched MTV, i just buy albums.
Guy who wants to flame: Sum 41 are a retarded pop punk band and all their fans are posers!

Me: Ok, whats real punk then?

Guy who wants to flame: The Ramones, The Clash, and
The Sex Pistols!

Me: Name more.

Guy who wants to flame: Uhhhh.....

by Ohsnap!!! December 13, 2009
a really cool band that most people seem to hate
does this look infected is sum 41's best cd.
by acid March 14, 2007
A GOOD BAND, that sing about things that matter, as well as relationships.
However, old 'punks' who think theyre better then everyone else feel the need to critisize younger bands because theyre not like the sex pistols and didnt sell out to a butter company. Yes im talking about John Lydon, HE SELLS FUCKING BUTTER.
by Junyca May 03, 2011
A band composed of Deryck Whibley (Bizzy D) on vocals, piano(occasionally, and rythmn guitar, Cone on bass a few times on vocals, Dave Baksh (Brownsound or Hot Chocolate) on guitar and vocals, and Steve Jocz (Stevo32) on drums and a few vocals. They were formed 41 days into the summer creating the band name Sum41.
They are not the greatest band on earth, but they are pretty good. They continue to become better with each album and more serious. They are not punk, but the y have been slowly moving into a more political type of band from their early days as a blabbermouth brat SoCal band from Ajax, Ontario.
Brownsound is a very good guitarist in my opinion, with raging solos, and Stevo32 can spaz out on the drums for what seems hours. Cone seems to be a good bassist on the solos sometimes given to him, and Bizzy D does well on backup guitar and can sing well on actual singable songs.
They experiment with different styles at times and have full songs of just instrumental or mainly instrumental.
They are wrongly placed in alternative and as punk. They are really neither- they have their own style which is hard to label since they have changed so quickly within their four albums (Half Hour of Power, All Killer No Filler, Does This Look Infected, and Chuck). To prove this furthermore, they made a documentary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in doing so almost died. Not typical of your SoCal bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.
They do not deserve all the fans that they have which do not really recognize how well they can play and just like them for their looks. They aren't that good-looking anyway and caring about a band just for their looks is shallow. Sum41 doesn't deserve that. They are too great for that.
Girl: OMG! Cone is sooo hot! I love sum41!
Me: He's not really that- augh. Anyway, what's your favorite song?
Girl: Umm, I don't really know any.
Me: That's sad. I am so sad to share the same music genre as you, you shallow, sad little girl.
by angus the superduck April 02, 2005
Best band of the twenty first century. They are not the kin of band where you like one or two songs by them but you LOVE all of them and could listing to them for hours.
All you people who think sum 41 is an emo punk band I would bet you have never even heard them. Don't hate it till you try it
by me218 July 10, 2008
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