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When you're rolling the pierced nipples and then have them rip out.
Yo.. I just got the lefty Suku'd and when I was toweling after my morning shower it got ripped out.
by SmellyFart84 August 23, 2011
1.When someone is at the peak of his trip (drunk, high, etc)

2. When something sounds badass to do at the peak of your trip
3. When something is just plain Fucking badass and Fucking badass don't seem the right words to describe it or any other words for that matter
1. Ando bien suku

2. Compa vamos por Taco Palenque, Apenas son las 3am y ando bien suku ..

Eso suena bien suku ahorita!!

3. Me acabo de hechar 6 shots, 2 papas, y un pericaso

by AlfCS May 07, 2011