1. Subservients to the three letter gods of the corporate domain (not just bosses)
Jane: "Your colleague seems like a real douche!"
Bob: "Yeah, he's really into playing the game - office politics etc"
Jane: "So he's a suit?"
Bob: "Yes, just another soulless suit, plugging away at unethical business practices with wool covering their eyes"
Jane: "Bloody suits!!"
by J.Assange April 04, 2011
Political figures in Washington DC.
The suits in Washington don't listen to the voters.
by Stan777 July 10, 2012
northern homosexual who uses 'cycling' as an acronym for dubious private practices, including the shaving of ones body. most likely to be seen in bars of ill repute or in belgian fields particating in aforementioned practices.
Ron Davies
by Jury May 13, 2004
a suit is a fine, like from the government
a suit is a fine; littering, speeding
by Big L, flamboyant for life December 23, 2007
Short for swimsuit or bathing suit. Usually small like a Speedo.
"Dude, dig the new suit"
by mr mikey September 28, 2006
when used plual as the suits
it usly refors to the fbi cia or any other 3 letter goverment angecy
jeff was busted by the suits
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
Another method of saying shut
by LastLine December 19, 2004

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