A man wired with explosives that detonates himself in the name of a certain cause.
Another suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv today.
by Bungalow Bill March 30, 2002
aka a terrorist aka a person who uses violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.
Al-Queda suicide bombers killed thousands of New Yorkers on 9-11-01.
by M February 19, 2004
when you pull out just before cumming, then spit on her back. after she calms down you shuv your dick back in her just in time to "BLOW" your load, and watch as both your lives come to an end
i gave her a suicide bomber cuz i thaught it would be funny......shes pregnant.
by man him self July 29, 2008
a person who buys shots/drinks to others without their willingness expecting them to drink with him/her and get shit-faced together. It can be used as a verb or a noun.
"Here, you take that with me!"
"Gosh, you are suicide bombing me!!"

"I'm gona buy shots for everyone here."
"You are a suicide bomber."
by ☆ April 01, 2008

One who carries an explosive device on their person which is capable of triggering an instant detonation with a blast yield significant enough to destroy the target as well as the bomber. Suicide bombing is a low-cost yet emphatic method of delivering a bomb which is most frequently employed by forces too disadvantaged to fight at their enemy's military level.
The earliest recorded instances of suicide attacks are perhaps those in the Bible, notably the Amorites' attacks on the Jews, and Samson's attack on a Philistine temple.

The first recorded suicide bomber was perhaps Jan van Speijk, a Dutch lieutenant who detonated his own ship in the Belgian Revolution of the 1830s, or Karl Klinke in 1864 at the Battle of Dybbøl.
by Kyle Rybski April 21, 2007
A muslim, Arab or middle easterner who straps a bomb such as c-4 to their chests and runns at a building yelling "allah" then detonating the bomb, this can also be preformed on an airplane.
Wow the 7-11 clerk looks like a suicide bomber
by Cock flexor 69 April 22, 2008
(slang) A sperm cell that is ejected at th end of masterbation. So, to "train a few suicide bombers" is to masterbate.
You going to the game?

No, I think I'm heading home to train a few suicide bombers.
by Nope4810 June 29, 2005
A really fucking retarded towel head that walks into a crowded room and yells "ALLAH ACKBAR!!!" Meaning: "God is great" in Arabic. They are also world class demolition workers as they brang down to skyscrapers with only one plane, they even did it for free, what generous people they are. They also like to play soccer as most of them are actually Mexicans that got over their casual landscaping jobs. Suicide bombers also always get a great k/d ratio of about 115/1.
I'll put it this way, if u here "alalalalalalh" or "Allah ackbar" u are fucked. Cos dem suicide bombers want to wear ur skin
by MyManMarkJohnson March 30, 2015

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