a meritorious act in which individuals remove themselves from existence, thus helping to solve the issue of overpopulation.
individuals who unsuccessfully attempt to end their lives on railroad tracks or major roads and cause delays ought to be shot by a commuter!
the rapist realized what a piece of shit he was, and no longer wanted to live, so he carved out his own guts, effectively and slowly committing suicide.
#living #death #killing yourself #rapists #meritorious
by cmt_84 July 18, 2008
A permanent solution for a temporary problem.
John was living a good life, until he became addicted to crack at which point his family intervened and locked him up. Unable to get his fix because he couldn't get any more rocks, he committed suicide by hanging himself with his belt.
#sucide #easy #solution #problem #anguish #dispair
by Spencer the Great July 29, 2007
Suicide: A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Suicide is an alternative to dealing with all those little problems life throws your way.
#suicide #self caused death #comitting suicide #death #solving a problem
by Strike Commander Lolz August 05, 2008
A permanent solution for a temporary problem
-Fuck being grounded for a month.
give me the gun im commiting suicide.
#sueicide #death by self #living #solution #suiside
by really? uh huh? March 15, 2008
The act of diving from the foot of your bed or a near by dresser. Hopefully landing inside the vagina or anal cavity. There is a risk of missing therefore the name suicide.
I totaly pulled of a suicide on youe mom last nite.
#anal #vagina #dive #donkey punch #suicide
by Suicide_King February 28, 2008
some thing horrible that you shouldnt do. if you feel like you have ost eveyrthing and theres nothign more to live for then remember that you have soo many people who love you and hang on to that thought. that the last thing you have needs to stay.
dont kill yourself its the fastest road to nowhere. suicide is ridiculous
#suicide #depressed #lonrly #sad #james #blunt #worried
by imgoingtobe13soon November 02, 2007
Do you fuckin people really feel it necessary to define this word? Suicide has to be one of the most recognizable and understood concepts in the English language. As for the ungodly amount of definitions (obviously myself included-the irony has not escaped me), it seems just like assholes, everyone has got one. Bravo.
People who waste time defining words eveyone already knows should go commit suicide.
#death #eternal damnation #shotgun #od #peace
by sidandnancy June 15, 2007
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