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Exclamation at any unpleasurable or event or proposition, past, present or future, conveying the speaker's facetious or exaggerated desire to commit suicide rather than suffer through such terror, or a hyperbolic suggestion that to carry out a certain proposition or encounter a certain event would be in effect to commit suicide; often simply an emphatic "No" or "No thanks!" SoCal slang. Sometimes shortened to "sui".
A: Man I had to sit through econ class while he lectured us for 2 hours on this BS paper, and then on top of it I got partnered up with some dumbass sor chick!
B: Suicide!
Two Skaters:
A: Dude do you wanna hit up that secret spot again?
B: Oh, you mean the one the cops showed up at last time? Suicide!
Two Tourists in Baja Mexico:
A: Let's get one o those mexi dogs wrapped in bacon!
B: Suicide!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
8 30
"The fastest road to nowhere."
Kids, stop commiting suicide. You're hurting the people who love you. People love you. And if noboby does, I will.
by Hell yeah I'm american September 03, 2005
58 80
some thing horrible that you shouldnt do. if you feel like you have ost eveyrthing and theres nothign more to live for then remember that you have soo many people who love you and hang on to that thought. that the last thing you have needs to stay.
dont kill yourself its the fastest road to nowhere. suicide is ridiculous
by imgoingtobe13soon November 02, 2007
6 29
Do you fuckin people really feel it necessary to define this word? Suicide has to be one of the most recognizable and understood concepts in the English language. As for the ungodly amount of definitions (obviously myself included-the irony has not escaped me), it seems just like assholes, everyone has got one. Bravo.
People who waste time defining words eveyone already knows should go commit suicide.
by sidandnancy June 15, 2007
11 34
A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
God I hate my life. I wanna kill myself.
Don't commit suicide. Don't screw yourself out of a life of stuff you know you wanna do.
by energizerman38 March 08, 2007
37 60
don't do it! people do it to feel relief but let me ask you something, can you feel relief when you're dead? Suicide can start a chain reaction, if you do it your best friend couold too and so on....
she couldn't take it anymore so she commited suicide, it didn't fix anything.
by notwhoyouthinkiam October 14, 2006
16 39
all hope is lost
and everything spirals down
into an endless black

So what's to be done,
hell cant be all that worse?
matthew is such a retard he makes me want to commit suicide and as soon as i can find some arsenic i will
by the lonely girl April 15, 2005
13 37