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Apart from killing yourself, a suicide is also when you mix two or more types of pop, cola, soda, or any type of soft drink. Some times it can be tasty, but other times it can taste like shit.
Coke Zero + Mountain Dew = suicide
by Lucky_Is_Sucky November 30, 2011
to want to kill yourself (here the word is used for even the most trivial of mistakes)
"Ive burnt the toast......absolute suicide!"
by Daniel uce September 28, 2007
the eazy way out most of the time done by depressed teenagers or depressed adults
suicide-jack shot himself after being dumped by his girl
by jamie herring May 15, 2008
a permanent solution to a temporary problem
your girlfriend breaks up with you, you kill yourself
by killa March 01, 2005
when someone is so cowardly they take their own life. Someone who feels the world would be a better place without them because they have failed their family and failed at life. Then when they commit suicide the family gets even more fucked up then it was before hand and the kids go insane.
I commited suicide. My children feel unloved and lonely.
by Ronald Allen Rehmeyer... November 02, 2008
the one and only wrong answer to past.present.future actons

relief or selfishness
an age old question based more on accual attempt not circumstances

i say selfish desire
and temperary relief...

to take your life to relief your problems yet create more for thoughs around you...suicide
by honest.emo.answer October 10, 2006
the act of killing oneself.
"I want to commit sewer-side."
"It's not sewer-side you dick!"
"You suck Bush."
*kisses Bush*
by Thrashmeister November 10, 2004
Never the right thing to do. No matter what, it's NEVER the right thing, no matter what you think. Suicide is for quitters and idiots who don't want to deal with the few problems of the every day world.
Jeff... don't commit suicide. You're not a quitter...

Sam: I'm done... gonna commit suicide...
Mark: What are you? An idiot?
by StelleWolf June 12, 2010