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Apart from killing yourself, a suicide is also when you mix two or more types of pop, cola, soda, or any type of soft drink. Some times it can be tasty, but other times it can taste like shit.
Coke Zero + Mountain Dew = suicide
by Lucky_Is_Sucky November 30, 2011
a permanent solution to a temorary problem
the linkin park song breaking the habit is about suicide
by nicole March 28, 2005
a very advisiable way to handle your problems, because no one loves you. according to maddox of www.maddox.xmission.com here are some reasons to commit suicide. in a handy checklist style of ten. if any apply to you........

1. Do you live at home but your parents are always making you clean your room and do your homework? It's a sure sign that they don't love you and that they want you to kill yourself. Why else would they make you clean your room? What are they going to do next, ground you? Make you wear braces? Don't kid yourself, the message is clear.

2. If you just got out of a bad relationship and you feel like things are never going to get better; you're right. Everyone knows that suicide is the only option, stop procrastinating. Look on the bright side, at least your ex will feel guilty for a couple of minutes--but don't count on it.

3. Depressed? Don't have any friends? I guess nobody told you, but being depressed and feeling lonely isn't normal. Everyone else is happy, and has lots of friends so there must be something wrong with you. Put the prozac away, what you need is rat poison.

4. Spill a drink at a party? Drop a plate of food in a restaurant? Nobody else has to live with that kind of embarrassment; you know what you have to do.

5. Flunked out of college? Don't know algebra? Here's a question you should know the answer to: Flunked out of college + Don't know algebra = Time for _____. Chances are you still don't know the answer, so here's a hint: it starts with an 's' and ends in 'uicide'.

6. Traffic jam? Sometimes bad luck isn't a coincidence. Do you really want to sit in traffic for another half hour? Look on the bright side, if you're a viking you'll be going to Valhalla. Then again, you're probably not, but eternal damnation in hell is probably the next best thing.

7. Telemarketers keep calling? It's easier to hang yourself than to get rid of a telemarketer, am I wrong? If you're lucky, Home Depot might be having a sale on rope. After all, you don't want to die letting people think you weren't frugal.

8. Flu? You realize that there's no cure for the flu, right? Well, no cure that doesn't involve painting the wall with your brains.

9. Flat tire? Do I have to spell it out for you?

10. College application get rejected? Take the hint.

Hope you found this guide helpful, mention it in your suicide note. On second thought, why bother? Nobody will read it.
maddox thinks you should commit suicide
by Johnny Richter February 20, 2005
taking the easy way out of lifes problems. Or just saying screw everything and everyone i want out. not caring what happens to you anymore and just wanting out of your miserable, pointless existence.
hes depressed ass hell man. I know i think he trying to commit suicide.
by "Chewy" July 16, 2004
Something everyone should try at least once!
Sally left me with the children. I hate these little shits. Im going to commit suicide.
by Red and Brown Grass Rat November 25, 2004
A permanent solution for a temporary problem
-Fuck being grounded for a month.
give me the gun im commiting suicide.
by really? uh huh? March 15, 2008
The act of diving from the foot of your bed or a near by dresser. Hopefully landing inside the vagina or anal cavity. There is a risk of missing therefore the name suicide.
I totaly pulled of a suicide on youe mom last nite.
by Suicide_King February 28, 2008
Imagine feeling as though you have nothing to live for, like everything you`ve strived for has suddenly lost its meaning.
Imagine feeling alone, like everyone you`ve confided in, trusted with your life, gone to for support, has abandoned you and so you remain in a desolate, suffocating room--the walls growing closer, and closer to you.
Imagine feeling such slicing and unbearable pain, that you`re driven to demented attempts of suicide and you finally succeed.

Now imagine examining the placid appearance of your face lying in your casket surrounded by the people--friends and family--you thought stopped caring for you.
Imagine the sorrow on their faces as streams of tears carve their cheeks.
Imagine the hurt they`re experiencing--the hurt emerging from your death and your decision to take your own life.

And you thought you were in pain?

Now then, I ask you:
What do you do when life is a challenge you can`t overcome?
What do you do when giving up seems like your only solution?
What do you do when everything has become a plague in you and you`re in the deepest darkness of despair?

You keep living.
You keep living and continuing on because your problems are only temporary; whereas, killing yourself is a permanent situation.
You keep living because suicide doesn`t bring you relief. Relief is a feeling. And you have to be alive in order to feel it.
You keep living because you can`t achieve anything while dead. As your inert corpse rots in the soil of the earth, you can`t make anything more out of yourself.
Your journey is over and your experience is finished.

Within every two and a quarter hours, every one-hundred and thirty-five minutes, every eighty-one thousand seconds, a person younger than twenty-five commits suicide.
Don`t become a part of this statistic of people who weakly succumb to pressure.
This throbbing, unconceivable strife will all be lost in time because in time, pain heals and it gradually becomes yesterday`s feelings.

You might think your life is over because your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, or because your family just doesn`t seem to understand you, but good will happen and your life will improve.

Learn to withstand the ache because life is a struggle; it`s a perpetual test of character and perseverance; it tests stamina and resilience and it can either make you or break you.

Suicide isn`t an honorable act to escape a shameful situation because instead of keeping your dignity, you`re revealing your weakness.
You are showing that you cannot cope with struggle and that you have given up in life.
Suicide displays your lack of willpower, lack of appreciation, and lack of morality.

Think of people who are without food, shelter, family, friends, education, and think of people who are victims of natural disasters, who have no control over occurrences; yet are obligated to cope with them; think of people who have it worse than you and suffer far greater grief--before you think of dying.

Eventually, we`ll all die like the day and the night, like the sun in the sky, but until the dusk of my sunset, I am going to embrace life for what it`s worth, I`m going to be grateful for everything I have and count every blessing because life is a blessing in itself; it was given to me, and in return, I`m going to live it, treasure it, enjoy it, and tackle it`s obstacles, to prove that nothing, nothing, can phase me.

Yes, this is my speech.
It was for my english class.
My teacher cried! =(
*acknowledgements to The Used

Examples of suicide:
-Slitting your wrists.
-Hanging yourself.
-Pretty much... anything you do to kill yourself.
by Jamira February 06, 2006