Apart from killing yourself, a suicide is also when you mix two or more types of pop, cola, soda, or any type of soft drink. Some times it can be tasty, but other times it can taste like shit.
Coke Zero + Mountain Dew = suicide
by Lucky_Is_Sucky November 30, 2011
A variety of things.

1. Telling your wife you don't love her anymore.
2. Insulting a serial killer.
3. Asking your boss if you can have a raise.
4. Wondering what happens after life.
I don't like life anymore... what should I do to commit suicide? Oh I know, I will ask my boss to give me a raise of 1,000,000,000 dollars!
by Sablechomp January 17, 2008
Exclamation at any unpleasurable or event or proposition, past, present or future, conveying the speaker's facetious or exaggerated desire to commit suicide rather than suffer through such terror, or a hyperbolic suggestion that to carry out a certain proposition or encounter a certain event would be in effect to commit suicide; often simply an emphatic "No" or "No thanks!" SoCal slang. Sometimes shortened to "sui".
A: Man I had to sit through econ class while he lectured us for 2 hours on this BS paper, and then on top of it I got partnered up with some dumbass sor chick!
B: Suicide!
Two Skaters:
A: Dude do you wanna hit up that secret spot again?
B: Oh, you mean the one the cops showed up at last time? Suicide!
Two Tourists in Baja Mexico:
A: Let's get one o those mexi dogs wrapped in bacon!
B: Suicide!
by thiudans November 21, 2006
all hope is lost
and everything spirals down
into an endless black

So what's to be done,
hell cant be all that worse?
matthew is such a retard he makes me want to commit suicide and as soon as i can find some arsenic i will
by the lonely girl April 15, 2005
a permanent solution to a temporary problem
He committed suicide because the girl he liked had a boyfriend.
"The fastest road to nowhere."
Kids, stop commiting suicide. You're hurting the people who love you. People love you. And if noboby does, I will.
by Hell yeah I'm american September 03, 2005
1)to commit death upon ones self to try and prove a point but not being able to see the outcome as he/she is dead
2)according to the movie "The Whole Nine Yards," suicide is committed mostly by dentists
the dentist hung himself in his office not knowing that he was going to miss hi next patient
by for you to decide June 22, 2003
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