Apart from killing yourself, a suicide is also when you mix two or more types of pop, cola, soda, or any type of soft drink. Some times it can be tasty, but other times it can taste like shit.
Coke Zero + Mountain Dew = suicide
by Lucky_Is_Sucky November 30, 2011
Mixing all of the sodas at a fast food resturaunt into one cup and drinking it.
She put the orange soda , Coke , Sprite and Lemonade together. What a crazy suicide.
by Jessica S May 24, 2005
something you shouldn't do so call this:(1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) or you decide
u wanna do suicide then call this numba
by reapa126 October 10, 2011
A drinking challenge, similar to a Tequila slammer. the difference is in a suicide you snort a line of salt, put lemon juice in your eye and down a shot of tequila.
doing a suicide will put some hair on your ass.
by the keg January 02, 2007
Painless way of saying goodbye you love and hate.
Easy as pie, drop a nine and then you fly.
by fuzzypuff258 March 14, 2005
The art of killing ones own self after feeling like so many fucking people hate you and your tierd of fucking up other peoples' lives and god is taking a shit in your eye and says "Out of everybody else life, yours is going to suck the most because i hate you and regret even making you a thought in your parents' mind!"
Alex comited suicide after finding out that he had no penis and his parents hate him.
by Andrew March 07, 2005
A very permanent solution to Life's very temporary problems.

But these problems can seem or become permanent if we cannot see a way out of them. That's why telling people that they are selfish to want to commit suicide, is not truly addressing the issue. There are many reasons why people consider it, and blindly shooting them down is not helping anyone gain clarity on the matter. Please, try sitting down and listening to your friend, and if anything coming up with a plan on how to live! Happily and healthily! See if that works better. Suicide isn't necessarily an obsession with death, but rather with Life.
Molly committed suicide; she walked to the Golden Gate Bridge, jumped off that great height, and died as she landed in the water below.
by Silver415 July 29, 2009
suicide.. i used to try and commit suicide
its painful and tiring your mind is always full about life's big question and how to kill your slef 101..
no one can tell that you are unless they see u attempt.
you seam like you are just depressed but depression is only the frist step. people that attempt don brag about it or talk about it to sertin levels coz when people talk to them about it more it hurts more and it force them to attemts and most likly succed more aften 4 people were it chnages for different people somtime it helps to talk but mostly on a scale of 1 in 10 people do. suicide is a very compulated verson of thought and feeling and/or love and regret. mostly thought and feeling refers to life as they see it in there eyes they may the most popular, richest, happest person in the world but still wonder about life on the other and commit suicide out of pure wonder and no reason but cases change from person to person....
bill: hi what r u up to?
bob: just thinking.
bill: about what?
bob: jus stuff.
bill: what sort of stuff?
bob: life as it is, big qusetion.
bill: oh. ur not think about death? r u?
bob: yer i always wonder what it would but like to die and see the other side.
bill: well don't commit suicide!
by whats it to u January 08, 2006
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