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A tasty pale brownish drink made by mixing together all of the available flavors of pop at a restaurant (except for water).
Although each suicide should be different, they all taste curiously similar.
by adam_f August 12, 2010
It's your only option.
Suicide- Your only option.
by TheRealFolkBlues March 29, 2005
A permenant solution to a temporary problem.
Many people commit it each year after a problem in their life.
by Morgana Draven August 08, 2005
to suicide - the act (or art) of commiting suicide
And then Judas suicided after betraying Christ.
by 7th-Incarnation-Jebus February 22, 2004
the way to hurt the people you love the most...
hey took his finaly nap on the train tracks and didnt move when he heard the whistle
by inky nikki May 11, 2005
The permanent solution to a temporary problem.

This is not something you should resort to if life is hard, life always gets better. Just keep your head up!
Suicide is NOT the way to go.
by SeriousGuy January 30, 2003
A long-term solution to a short-term problem...
He crashed his mothers car, and instead of paying her back, he commited suicide.
by Deedle April 02, 2005
"You wasted life, why would you waste the afterlife?"
I rather have a .00001% chance of happiness or being content in life, rather than zero% in a non-exsisting void.
by Critical Thinker January 24, 2005