The drink you get when you mix all the sodas, pops, juices, and teas on the soda fountain at a restaurant. It tastes great when done right. When you add too much of one drink it tastes like crap. The name suicide is based off of how much all the sugar and caffiene is in the drink. It's worth it though.
Guy: I'm getting Coke, what about you?

Friend: I'm getting Suicide

Guy: What's that?

Friend: Well according to the fountain at THIS restaurant: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Hi-C Orange Lava Burst, Powerade, and Minute Maid Lemonade.

Guy: Shit
by I heart Michelle Phan :) November 21, 2009
when no one else knows
guy 1: don't commit suicide!
guy 2: you will never understand
*pulls the trigger*
by arandomguy May 25, 2008
Dropping out of the middle of a race without seeing the wonderful things between there and the end.
My friend commited suicide and I miss him so.
by Angus the SuperDuck June 21, 2005
with only a small amount of weed left, suicides is taking a hit, holding the smoke in until the weed goes all the way around the circle and passed back to you. Then you exhale and hit it again, holding until you get the weed back.
The only way we're gonna get high with this little amount of weed left is to do suicides.
by jceanb00 December 05, 2006
Suicide is not a joke AT ALL many people mock it and say "emo depressed fags" only commit suicide This got me pissed off to the max I had a bestfriend who I spent my whole life with ended her life...only god knows why...people who consider suicide or commit suicide do it because they most likely are in a living hell in which they can not anymore im not suicidal or even defending suicide all im saying is people should not mock suicide because it really does happen people dont threaten to commit suicide for attention or because there "fake" they do it because somebody or something was ruining there fucking bad would you feel if you made fun or mocked a person threating to commit suicide ended up dead...youd feel like a scumbag...Moral of the story suicides real not just a thing people threaten to do for attention
Cathy commited suicide i had made fun of her because i thought she was seeking attention ill never be the same
when someone is so in over their head in life that they take their own life.
it's not selfish. anyone who says it is hasn't experienced anyone they're close to committing suicide.
when you're at the level of wanting to kill yourself, nothing can really help.
and when it's someone close to you, it's heartbreaking.
you wish you could have reached out more and blame so much on yourself when you really couldn't have done anything.
it's a terrible thing.
1: i can't believe he's gone.
2: i know. i wish i did more to help him.
1: don't stress over it. you couldn't do anything. suicide is just a horrible thig.
by r.i.p. rich <3 January 08, 2010
A mixture of every fountain drink available in a medium cup.
"Hey, can you make me a suicide?"
"Whats a suicide?"
"Just put in a bit of every kind of soda you got in a medium cup."
by iTunes January 18, 2009
To end all misery and suffering when god gives u a shitty life!
What I'm about to do after this.

*Jumps off balcony*
by lifesux December 04, 2004

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