1) The act of killing one's own self.

2) Reffering to Suicide Doors on a car: doors that open opposite to regular doors.

3) In drinking: a suicide is a drink made by mixing other drinks into one super-drink. Usually alcoholic, but not always.
1) Mary, after deciding that she has had enough of the world, commited suicide.

2) Did you see that car? It had suicide doors!

3) I invited a few friends over and we drank suicides all night long.
by Ichy June 30, 2006
An idiot's way out. Commonly used by stupid teenagers who think they have problems, when half the time the problems are all their own fault. Though I do realize sometimes problems are not someone's own fault, like drunkard parents, I do believe that suicide is and always will be a coward's way out. If you think that a situation in life would ever be bad enough to commit suicide, read the story of Job in the bible... though I'm sure it wouldn't matter to atheists.

When someone talks about the disease question and voluntary euthanasia, that's a big moral dilemna and it's not something I pretend to be able to answer.
My teenage brother attempted suicide by swallowing 250 pain reliever pills because he got caught stealing from the mall, did drugs, got drunk, and had sex frequently. Does that sound like a desperate, tortured teenager trying to escape his hell of a life? No. It sounds to me like a whiny brat who can't get over the fact that he created a ton of problems for himself.

All those who think suicide is not a coward's way out and it should not be looked down upon make me want to throw up.
by Matjlav May 01, 2006
the pussies way out.
people who commit suicide are fucking pussies, especially when they have only lived a grand total of fourteen years.
by rm2kking July 05, 2006
Something no one should do... I've talked people out of it many times, but I can't be bothered doing it anymore.
by Steaver370 July 09, 2004
The ultimate act of selfishness.
George committed suicide and left his loved ones behind.
by anonymous March 18, 2005
me im a suicidle person because of my bf he is so evil but i love him so much but i really dont think he cares about me oh well i should just die and get on with my nonexistence when i die i dont want anyone to come to my funeral because ill be to upset even when i am dead ill be upset because i wont be able to ever see my bf cause i am going to hell and never comeing back or am i,i want to die now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when i was with him he ditch me today for his friends he is such a stupid jerk!!!!!
by kiki April 01, 2005
A pussy's way out of life
My girlfriend dumped me so I'm going to commit suicide
by SillyChuckWilly January 27, 2005
the gayest thing ever only a pussy would kill them selves "oh boo hoo nothing is rite myh daddy my daddy woodint let me have the new britney spears album and theres a tear in my american eagle sweater" boom

suicide doesent solve any problems if you beleve in god well hello to hell

if you dont then think if death is the end you've just taken away the only chance at making life better
danny got all fucked on crank and took the cowards way out bye shooting him self like a little cunt
by xion May 09, 2005

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