1) To take one's own life because of a)no will to live life anymore, b)problems that seem unsolvable from that person's point of view, and or also c)people who influence the thoughts and actions of one's life inabling them to live for themselves.

2) A drink that consists of three or more types of a beverage.
1) I want to die because I feel that no one loves me and I have no will to live my life anymore.

2) Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Bacardi makes one hell of a suicide!
by Brittany Prevent-A-Suicide May 25, 2005
it is a mothafuckin shit in your list to live a long life.
by pixies July 19, 2003
The most popular thing amongst Generation Y thugs.
"Kurt Cobain is my idol. His suicide note is the holiest thing in existence. I have much affection for suicide. I love Linkin Park. I wish someone would kill me."
-some emo-kid
by Dave January 13, 2005
an act which is commited upon inrollment at high tech high la
she sighned the enrollment papers so i commited suicide
by anonoymous726389 October 21, 2004
A way pusseys get out of life.
Life sucks, im a pussey, let's do suicide!
by RachelLove February 26, 2009
I don't really care about the selfishness of the act, but unless you have a good enough reason you should not commit suicide because if you do it means you're just a pussy who can't handle the realities of life. For example if a person has cancer and know that it is incurable and extremely painful they have a reason to commit suicide. But unless it is a certain circumstance like having a terminal illness or you're being horribly abused or mistreated, if you commit suicide it means you have the menatality of a little sheltered brat who is too lazy to solve their problems head on and instead just wants to run away from them.
Senior With Lung Cancer: Uh, I can't take life anymore everyday i'm in terrible pain I wish I could die and let all go away.

Me: poor old man, they should pull the plug so he can die peacefully rather than torturing him by keeping him hooked up to that machine.

Some Emo Kid: My girlfriend just broke up me and now i'm depressed I'm going to kill myself!

Me: You pussy, you're just like a baby still sucking at his momma's tits. Get over it, because that's life you're gonna have alot of people break your heart, but you need to be able to handle it. Plus you could just find another girlfriend once you get over the break up. You don't have a reason to commit suicide

by nathan676 May 08, 2008
The result of smoking cigarittes/cigars/drugs/etc., overdrinking alcoholic beverages, dipping/chewing wet tobacco, overdosing on pills, and doing other similar things.
I'd rather keep myself on Earth than suiciding to Hell.
by frodaddy February 19, 2005
Someone who wants to go to heaven/hell quicker. As youve seen people blowing eachother up in Iraq. Suicide bombers are stupid they cant even kill themselves properly. They have to kill others around them by blowing them up from thir fumes and fire. them Iraqui bombers couldnt bomb themselves up if it depended on their lives. Its exactly like saying to God you cant fire me I quit.
Suicidal Bomber 1: Where'd that bomb go?
Suicidal Bomber 2: Its on your head Sir.
Suicidal Bomber 1: Good. Have you got on yours?
Suicidal Bomber 2: Yup :)
Suicidal Bomber 1: It will blow up in 30 mins.

5 Mins Later......


News: Iraq was blown up yesterday by two pathetic stupid suicidal bombers which were found dead with bombs on their heads.
by Da Miker May 31, 2005

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