1) To take one's own life because of a)no will to live life anymore, b)problems that seem unsolvable from that person's point of view, and or also c)people who influence the thoughts and actions of one's life inabling them to live for themselves.

2) A drink that consists of three or more types of a beverage.
1) I want to die because I feel that no one loves me and I have no will to live my life anymore.

2) Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Bacardi makes one hell of a suicide!
by Brittany Prevent-A-Suicide May 25, 2005
It's your only option.
Suicide- Your only option.
by TheRealFolkBlues March 29, 2005
Linking someone you know in real life, who is stronger than you, to goatse
One of the governator's aides committed suicide today.
by LoneGamer November 19, 2003
to suicide - the act (or art) of commiting suicide
And then Judas suicided after betraying Christ.
by 7th-Incarnation-Jebus February 22, 2004
A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
God I hate my life. I wanna kill myself.
Don't commit suicide. Don't screw yourself out of a life of stuff you know you wanna do.
by energizerman38 February 27, 2007
A way NOT to end the problems in your life because it will exist when you leave this world, but at least you do not have to deal with it anymore
Suicide will end the pain but it will not solve the problem
by summerwind May 02, 2007
A permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Joe committed suicide because he was in jail, even though he had an appeal coming up the next week.
by Delly Welly August 27, 2006
A permenant solution to a temporary problem.
Many people commit it each year after a problem in their life.
by Morgana Draven August 08, 2005

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