not something to be joked about. Suicide is a horrible, tragic thing, which people like "TheEye5000" and "Stephanie" obviously don't understand or haven't experienced. It doen't only happen with "emo freaks or goths". I'm not defending suicide, nor am I suicidal myself, but I have lost a friend to suicide and all of these previous posts mocking suicide and calling those who do it "weak", etc. makes me sick to my stomach. So, for the respect of all of those who have passed on due to this horrible thing called suicide, please refrain from acting like it is a joke, because it is definetly not.
All those who mock suicide or those who are suicidal make me want to throw up.
by anonymous March 12, 2005
People say suicide is selfish and cowardly. That's bullshit. It's more selfish to expect someone to go through life feeling like shit, just so you can keep them around because they make you happy or some shit. It is not they're duty to keep you happy whilst they go through hell, you fucking morons.
Someone decided their live was no longer living, so when they killed themselves, all the sensible people who loved them felt very sad, but realised that it would be selfish to expect them to go on living, just for their own pleasure.

#suicide #kill #death #its not fucking #selfish
by wolf15668 October 10, 2013
Humans began to question why they existed in this seemingly endless area that we call the universe. Some people answered that question with religion, family, labor, and love – but others saw these only as ways of coping with an apparent lack of objective meaning and purpose. The people that found absolutely no purpose turned to suicide to end their emptiness – and continue to do so to this very day. Suicide exists as a response to societal illusions of goals and purpose, and not as the actions of deranged or sad individuals.
Society does not concern itself with the individuals that make up the whole, but rather that the whole functions. If society loses a large portion of its members to suicide, it will be unable to sustain itself.

Along with lack of meaning in the universe, suicide also correlates with an individual’s level of socialization. Individuals with low socialization realize that in the eyes of society, they do not mean anything. These people may not have jobs, families, or friends. They believe that whether or not they wake up the next day, the world will keep on turning. An individual with a high level of socialization becomes disillusioned with societal expectations that once kept him going. He can no longer cope with the pressure of the day to day routine of going to work, bonding with friends, and raising a family. He wants out; he wants to let someone else take his place, because he knows that he is absolutely replaceable.
I can no longer function in society with purpose, I may commit suicide
#emile durkheim #suicide #sociology #sociologist #death #society
by RespondingToTheAbsurd March 12, 2015
Lethal self destruction. It is not selfish by default--it is more selfish of those who demand you to stay. It is not necessarily a reaction to a temporary problem--some problems are permanent as well. Its not the only solution to most problems, but it is a potential solution to any problem. Choose with caution. And to all those self-righteous pissants who want to pat themselves on the back for condescending to spit a little pity at someone in hell via cliche judgments and over used sayings... don't condemn what you don't comprehend.
Me. Sometime suicide is the only answer after decades of decline and pain. Sometimes it doesnt get better.
#death #suicide #suicidal #pain #self destruction
by IceOrigami February 09, 2012
Something people do after listening to Justin Bieber.
Listening to 1 of his songs and the taking your own life cause it sucks ass.
Kelly : Hey Terrance listen to this awesome song....
BANG!!!(see kids terrance commited Suicide cause of this ....thing )

Say no to shitty songs
#justin #bieber #suicide #death #not #awesome
by The OOSMN 1 June 04, 2010
A tasty pale brownish drink made by mixing together all of the available flavors of pop at a restaurant (except for water).
Although each suicide should be different, they all taste curiously similar.
#drink #mixture #sucide #suicide drink #pop
by adam_f August 12, 2010
Life's version of rage-quitting.
"I'm gonna go jump off that cliff dude, ON PURPOSE!!"

"Naw dude, that' suicide!"
#scuicide #death #killing #self #emo
by iiToxicSX January 30, 2012
Apart from killing yourself, a suicide is also when you mix two or more types of pop, cola, soda, or any type of soft drink. Some times it can be tasty, but other times it can taste like shit.
Coke Zero + Mountain Dew = suicide
#coke #drink #suicide #suicide drink #mountain dew #mix #soda #pop #cola
by Lucky_Is_Sucky November 30, 2011
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