When you keep an eye on a friend, family member or someone off the street who may do harm to themselves.

Like a vigil accept the person is not dead yet.

Frequently checking on someone who may commit suicide.

Emma walks into Chad's bedroom and screams Chad's dead!!!

TOULA: We were spose to be watching him!
EMMA: I know I had to run down to the shop and put my Lotto on and buy a box of fags.
TOULA: You call that a suicide watch? We were spose to be going in there every 10 minutes!!!
EMMA: (lights up smoke) Bummer man...
TOULA: I'll say! Well maybe it won't seem such a loss if you win huh...
EMMA: (starts going through Chad's wallet) Yeh I guess...
TOULA: Wait! His moving!!!
EMMA: (pulls out gun and shoots Chad in the head)
TOULA: What the fuck did you kill him for?
EMMA: Cause Nobody puts baby in the corner!!!
by The Moody Poet December 26, 2006
Top Definition
What white folks will be under when a man with the name Barack Hussein Obama wins the US presidency.
CNN: "It's just been reported that Senator Barack Hussein Obama has been elected as the new president of president of United states of America"

Donald: Noooooooooooohohhohohoohooooo

Mother: keep an close eye on your father while i go to the grocery store kids.

(suicide watch)

by coolT February 08, 2008
When an individual goes on an MDMA bender and all their seratonin has depleated & they feel like a coward. Loyal friends provide suicide watch & pretend friends avoid them.
trog consumed 5 caps & in the midst of his come down sent his crush on 5 back to back text messages. Then he was put on suicide watch by Sam.
by Trog10 October 15, 2013
The act of taking a friend/relative out for heavy drinking after a traumatic event, ostensibly to prevent them from killing themselves.
"Me and Wade got shattered when we took Keith out on suicide watch after he blew the save in the 9th."
by Pigpen Jen September 10, 2006
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