One who carries an explosive device on their person which is capable of triggering an instant detonation with a blast yield significant enough to destroy the target as well as the bomber. Suicide bombing is a low-cost yet emphatic method of delivering a bomb which is most frequently employed by forces too disadvantaged to fight at their enemy's military level.
The earliest recorded instances of suicide attacks are perhaps those in the Bible, notably the Amorites' attacks on the Jews, and Samson's attack on a Philistine temple.

The first recorded suicide bomber was perhaps Jan van Speijk, a Dutch lieutenant who detonated his own ship in the Belgian Revolution of the 1830s, or Karl Klinke in 1864 at the Battle of Dybbøl.
by Kyle Rybski April 21, 2007
Top Definition
A person who blows himself up, in order to kill innocent people.
The suicide bomber blew himself... he must be double-jointed.
by scrEEmur December 05, 2003
A man wired with explosives that detonates himself in the name of a certain cause.
Another suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv today.
by Bungalow Bill March 30, 2002
a dumb fuck who beleives it is right to explode himself to kill innocent people. Normally arabs. They do it to serve "allah" and the kids do it because they are brainwashed and need to earn their family some money for their life. The stupid bastards are paid to do that shit by terrorists which they have eventually become. They are the biggest treat to man-kind and must be terminated.
That stupid suicide bomber blew up after the dumass was shot by a smart soldier. Good work.
by natedoggggggggggg July 07, 2005
cheap fuckers that cant aford a decent bomb with a remote detanator
that suicide bomber must be real proud now he is not even around to celabrate
by jason andregg November 09, 2006
1) The sole Muslim contribution to the world in last 1000 years.
2) An effective method to fight those evil, opressing, unarmed civilians.
3) Attention whoring at its' finest.
"Look at me! I'm a suicide bomber!"
by live long and prosper August 26, 2006
When a man takes the used condom off and blows it up, then pops it over the lucky bitches head.
Your mom passed out after a ruff night and so i gave her the old suicide bomber
by The BOMBER March 11, 2003
Blowing yourself up for a cause, killing many innocent people in the process.
There is nothing to bury when you die as a suicide bomber. You’re in a million, little pieces mother fucker.
by gizmo+2 August 01, 2016
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