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Dick riding faggot-ass motherfucker
burn in hell suge.
that suge knight is gon' rot in hell
by Rhythm n Gangsta December 11, 2004
614 96
mastermind who organized killings of the two greatest rappers ever
by middle name G April 27, 2003
217 44
killed the greatest rapper ever tupac an then went ahead and killed biggie
fuck you suge
by julz February 06, 2004
278 109
high powered low life
by misteress pimp x October 14, 2003
198 45
a man on every rap fan's hit list
suge knight must die
by 13hav0 December 06, 2006
153 23
to take something unfairly, often using intimidation or force. named after the rapper suge knight's tactics to get people to side with him
the bully suge knight'd the young boys xbox 360
by colemania January 07, 2006
85 18
Former Leader of Rap Empire 'Deathrow Records' home of some badass gangsta rappers like pac,Dre and snoop. A man not to be fucked with(he is a fat motherfucker who everyone hates) filed for bankrupcy in recent times after starting tha row when they made the stupid idea of releasing him. Associated with the Mob Pirus, an inner city LA gang..but really he wasnt shit and no gangsta before and only hired them for security when he got rich. Organized the hit for both 2pac and Biggie..2pac killers not identified since Khadafi(the only one loyal to 2pac) was shot 2mths later before he could testify..Biggie on the other hand was killed by soem ugly looking corrupt motherfucka from the Police department, believed to be associated with the Bloods and suge.

Suge had told Pac to take off his vest at the Tyson fight and one of the deathrow entourage and told Pac about Orlando anderson..this gave them motive to kill him but really the crips had nothing to do with it.

Came after Snoop when was released from Prison..You should have checked out the website. The message was 'All dogs run and hide' *gunshot**bark*

Tis believed it said 'Suge shot me'on Bomb first..but you listen to it, its hard to even fucking tell, and khadafi might have said it...Pac is dead assholes let him R.I.P..on Thug angel they always spoke about how he wrote about his death before he died and if it happened they told them to put it out. Its some crazy ass shit and they told him to stop.
Nigga 1-You watched Biggie and 2pac..Muh Nigga dat narrator be gayer than a motherfucka

Nigga 1 -Suge knight shot Pac..Fat motherfucker burn in the solitude depths of my Colon..The Police wanted Pac dead aswell..Faggots

Nigga 2 -It got blood over 'Pacs nice ass 30k Euphanasia Medallion
by Rukahssss August 07, 2006
77 15
Grew up a nice kid but ended up getting involved with bloods, pistol whipping, stripping and robbing two men who used a pay phone he was waiting on, forcing a glass of piss down a guys throat who refused to give up p diddys mothers adress and other such nutty shite.
Crips killed tupac after he (and suge)beat the crud out of one of their members. Suge got shot too, so it's hard to beleive he set it up.
by TexasSyndicate January 31, 2004
101 44