killed the greatest rapper ever tupac an then went ahead and killed biggie
fuck you suge
by julz February 06, 2004
high powered low life
by misteress pimp x October 14, 2003
mastermind who organized killings of the two greatest rappers ever
by middle name G April 27, 2003
when you put a severe hurting on someone
i'm gonna suge knight that hoe!
by j-byrd87 March 25, 2010
Yo the real from my point of view doe pac got caught up in a crip situation that ended terribly suge was involed not a quincedence but both was probly still in shooked like what the fuck just happened, suge knew regreted what had happed pac died his fame should nt of ended that way, that gives the win to the bad boy camp were i'll tell you this, suge heard (the notorious b.i.g] was coming to L.A that over powering territory disrespecting the death of tupac knowing the mark of words pac said they'll never come california but pacs gone suge's going to jail deathrow taking last stand, which biggie thuoght it i'll be alright, suge hated had to hate that feeling, so got the damu riders to play it out for east coast cats to get raped out by the west coast dogs
This goes to show suge knight is a real C.E.O for deathrow or is it 2 deaths in a row
by GARROW.LOC November 01, 2007
the leader of the rap empire death row records and noted mob piru blood, started out playing ol for the atl falcons, but wasnt good enough,
held a metting with vanilla ice and held him out a window of a 3o story building, aquiring a good amount of money from that, used that money to start death row, a label that brought us, dr dre, eazy e, snoop dogg, kurupt, daz, the outlawz, pac(after ny). still such a feared person no one fucks with him
suge slapped that nigga he didnt do shit, got slapped 2 different times hedidnt do shit(speaking about gunit rapper game)
by Bowlby September 28, 2004

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