the leader of the rap empire death row records and noted mob piru blood, started out playing ol for the atl falcons, but wasnt good enough,
held a metting with vanilla ice and held him out a window of a 3o story building, aquiring a good amount of money from that, used that money to start death row, a label that brought us, dr dre, eazy e, snoop dogg, kurupt, daz, the outlawz, pac(after ny). still such a feared person no one fucks with him
suge slapped that nigga he didnt do shit, got slapped 2 different times hedidnt do shit(speaking about gunit rapper game)
by Bowlby September 28, 2004
Top Definition
Man who killed tupac and made millions off his death.
and now he tryin to kill snoop.
Suge Knight deserves to die!
by Tragik November 26, 2003
Dick riding faggot-ass motherfucker
burn in hell suge.
that suge knight is gon' rot in hell
by Rhythm n Gangsta December 11, 2004
Former head of Death Row Records. He is an ex-football player and is rumored to be afilliated with LA gangs. He was also behind the murders of TuPac and Notorious B.I.G.
Suge Knight should confess to the murders instead of leading the police into this ongoing investigation.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
killer of tupac
bullheaded criminal
in tupacs cd its say suge shot me
by bizzle May 07, 2003
killed pac, cheated him out of millions. got locked up, came out and signed kurupt. nobody likes him.
suge shot me-makaveli-7 day theory
by makavelikilluminatishottigotti December 21, 2004
a man on every rap fan's hit list
suge knight must die
by 13hav0 December 06, 2006
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