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The act of engaging in a purely physical/sexual affair with a significant other of a friend or acquaintance. The friend or acquaintance must have no knowledge of the affair. It can be a one time occurrence or an ongoing affair, however, a deeper relationship can not occur, it must be kept purely physical.


When used as a noun, it describes the offending partner of your friend/aquaintnace.

Ian dipped his finger in Jean's sugarbowl.

Ian had sex with Jean's girlfriend.


I bet Ian will be sugarbowling tonight!


I bet Ian will be having sex with Jean's girlfriend tonight!
by CSchiewek May 27, 2005
A haircut, also known a Bull cut or a crew cut. It is used when referring to when some one has botched bull cut or crew cut.
A sugar bowl is when a Barber/Hairdresser puts a sugar bowl over the customers head and shaves around it. It may also be used as a nickname for a person who received a bad haircut in the past.
Story Sugar Bowl, did you get a haircut?

Evan got a sugar bowl, what an idiot.
by IrishFeenJay August 23, 2011
n. Another word for the female rectum, also commenly known as the anus, poopshoot, butthole, brown eye, leather cheerio, rectum.
Ya, I was bangin' this girl last night and I pulled out and rammed it into her sugar bowl with my spoon. Man I stirred that shit!
by Bourny August 05, 2006
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