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perv who looks for little girls to prey on. usually attracts females by expensive gifts and such
claire: yooo were did u get that diamond necklcace?
ruby: sugar daddy
by tatatatatatatatattatatatatatat January 05, 2010
a rich old man that is dating a young woman.
1. The universal slogan for every sugar daddy everywhere is: Love you, feed you and never leave you.
2. The Swermanator is The Blexican's sugar daddy.
3. I Love My Sugar Daddy :)
by BlexicanJebus April 19, 2010
used to describe an old man who buy stuff for pretty young chicks in order to get some laid.
A: Hey dude, have you heard that Alice just hooked up a sugar daddy for some cash?
B:Wow! That bitch!
by Hua Yu October 21, 2006
a sugar daddy is a man who pimps children in Boystown in Vancouver on Richards street.
Steevie's such a sugar daddy.
by yvee January 27, 2006
What Bill O'Reilly has shown himself to be when he approached a young female staffer for sexual favors.
See also the following:
by Jesse January 23, 2005
that guy who gives out free candy (so-to-speak)
Boy:What ae you doing after school?
Girl: Im Chasing down the Sugar-daddy cuz im in the mood for sum sweetness (not to be mistaken with sex)
by Michelle February 18, 2003
nigga who got money and cars and provides all a real women wants
I want me a real sgar daddy
by r-e-l February 06, 2003