A lonely, desparate, usually but not always older man who has nothing else going for him except money, so he uses money and expensive gifts to attract women, who are usually but not alway younger and have little going for themselves with the exception of their appearance, and with little skills or ambition, often don't have many other options besides minimum wage, exotic dancing, or outright prostitution. It's essentially a legal and somehow more socially accepted version of prostitution, since the woman would have nothing to do with the man if he didn't have money to buy the expensive gifts and forgo any type of true love based on attraction or personality or dignity to do so. Also see his usual companion.
Do you think that overweight sugar daddy in his fifties would have any chance with that girl if he didn't buy her a BMW and pay her rent?
by lifeforsaken May 29, 2009
a rich old man that is dating a young woman.
1. The universal slogan for every sugar daddy everywhere is: Love you, feed you and never leave you.
2. The Swermanator is The Blexican's sugar daddy.
3. I Love My Sugar Daddy :)
by BlexicanJebus April 19, 2010
perv who looks for little girls to prey on. usually attracts females by expensive gifts and such
claire: yooo were did u get that diamond necklcace?
ruby: sugar daddy
by tatatatatatatatattatatatatatat January 05, 2010
used to describe an old man who buy stuff for pretty young chicks in order to get some laid.
A: Hey dude, have you heard that Alice just hooked up a sugar daddy for some cash?
B:Wow! That bitch!
by Hua Yu October 21, 2006
a sugar daddy is a man who pimps children in Boystown in Vancouver on Richards street.
Steevie's such a sugar daddy.
by yvee January 27, 2006
What Bill O'Reilly has shown himself to be when he approached a young female staffer for sexual favors.
See also the following:
by jesster79 January 23, 2005
that guy who gives out free candy (so-to-speak)
Boy:What ae you doing after school?
Girl: Im Chasing down the Sugar-daddy cuz im in the mood for sum sweetness (not to be mistaken with sex)
by Michelle February 18, 2003

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