a younger woman that goes for older men
kara is such a sugar baby!
by popovpumpkin November 24, 2009
Another name for a hooker, where a younger woman accepts "gifts" and money in exchange for sexual favors and companionship. Typically the a man is considered the Sugar Daddy and buys the gifts and the sugar baby receives the gifts and provides sexual favors. The main difference between is the relationship is ongoing. It is just another type hooker john relationship.
Perfect example is the movie Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere is the Sugar Daddy and Julia Roberts is the Sugar Baby.
by Be_real October 18, 2010
A darling child of no means who attracts the attention and gifting of older benefactors, like grandfathers or grandmothers, ultimately for the benefit of its slacker parents.
Our sugar baby, Ashley, got us a new apartment because she smiled so sweetly to Great Grammie.
by PrairieDog612 March 15, 2011
a whore, usually over-priced and operating under a false veneer of romance, often successful in securing repeat business from one particular john (sugar daddy).
The CEO enjoys spending the weekend with his sugar baby and doesn't mind having to cough up over $3000 to get some from her.
by Figleaf23 August 10, 2007

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