A woman with nice breasts.

Originally attributed to Mel Gibson during is drunken driving arrest towards a female officer. In reality it was one of the arresting officers who stated that Gibson said it.
Hey sugar tits why don't you use my breathalyzer?
by X-Ray Camper March 03, 2009
sweet, tasty breastsss
i love to suck your sugartits
by blazinblitzbtch July 17, 2008
1. An old woman's big delicious tits
My teacher has some nice sugar tits
by Nunumann December 08, 2011
Any bitch I'm talking to at the time
Hey sugartits make me a sammich
by Whatupbae December 27, 2014
A mother who enables a middle-aged loser to still live at home and sponge, mooch, and depend on her.
Boy, Gabe, your almost 40 and Mom is still taking care of
you! Isn't your Mom's Sugar Tit going to ever run dry?
by MustangGT October 29, 2007
1. Sugar rolled up in a handkerchief held together by a piece of string for a baby to suckle on.

Used primarily in situations where you are attempting to quiet a child. (and give it a set of rotten teeth as they come in)

2. Something Grandmom yells when she is upset
Example 1: "I gave my baby a sugar-tit to quiet it during the movie.

Example 2: "oh sugar-tit!"
by Drepanon January 05, 2010
The male tit a female sucks on when she is digging for gold, money, fame, and anything in between.
She sucked that sugar tit so much he bought a jaguar.
by JoeOther August 24, 2013

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