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Sugar pussy is a woman who's pussy looks incredible to a man who loves to give cunnilingus. Usually such a man is very experienced and loves the act of making love to a woman most feminine area. Sugar pussy will have a great flavor and aroma that is intoxicating to the cunnilingus artist. This aroma and taste is a direct result of the passion nectar in a woman's love box also known as a sugar pussy when that pussy gets enflamed from a man's gentle but masterful touch and teasing, and workings of his tongue. This passion nectar is one of the telling differences between as normal pussy and a sugar pussy. Another telling difference is the appearance. Here a sugar pussy will be different, often easily aroused,It will have the appearance of arousal, firmness and increased size, and will be larger than that of a normal pussy, and for the cunnilingus artist and connoisseur a thing of beauty to be appreciated and beheld.
There are many examples, but I must add the true connoisseur would say that only visual examples would suffice to identify a pussy as a sugar pussy. There are tell tale clues as to how to tell a sugar pussy from a normal pussy, but those clues can only be learned from experience admiring and being a first class connoisseur of pussy.
by Mickey Black May 16, 2006
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the woman you fuck who makes you soft while you're laying in bed with her and the man you love, while watching a video that said woman taped of two of your best friends boning a hot guy
Yo, Rich I did craft services on the movie that your sugarpussy filmed. Fuck yah! (fist bang explode)
by unrulyheiress January 19, 2010
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