Short form of suggestions.
'sup. im downloadin' songs, gimme some sugs pls.
by Sophia Abigale March 21, 2008
s.u.g = Suited Up Gangster
man, those homies over thurrrr are S.U.G son.
by clips3 May 29, 2006
short for "straight up gangster" as defined by our very own Forefathers at Lowell HS c/o 07. an abbreviation often tagged on book covers and class notes and spoken only in your best napoleon dynamite voice. makes sure your nose is nice and scrunched up and your eyes remain fairly squinty.
o man! look at that guy with the gray and red ecko fit. its so hot today. what is he thinking? he's s.u.g. don't worry about it.
by Ugly November 23, 2004
straight up gangsta!

Those shoes are sug.
by carioca February 01, 2007
SUG - Smug Unemployed Guy, use in the same context you would use terms like yuppie, nymbie etc
SUG is used to define someone who is happily unemployed and infact "smug" at the thought that they have a very comfortable life whilst not working. Quite likely to grow food in the garden and keep chickens. Maybe claim to be self employed but never actually do any work, to "smug" to work.

Very possible that the partner works to support the household.
by smugug June 26, 2009
a super unathletic girl
ohmigosh... look at that sug right there.
she sucks at pretty much every sport.
by asdkhgalshgfd April 23, 2009
1. Suck, in norwegian.
2. Same. Only another reason.
1. Fan, æ hate dæ fordi du sug.
(Shit, I hate you, cause you suck.)

2. Sug kuken min hore.
(Suck my willy, bitch.)
by fatmoma October 06, 2005

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