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a money hungry tramp who sucks your personality out of you and leave you when there done with you.
person 1 " a bor you have to get ride of that sucubis".
person 2 "yea i think your right, shes takin all my money".
person 1 " yea they'll do that".
by olaf the pimp December 27, 2006
22 12
a money hungry tramp who takes your money and takes over your life by controlling everything you do.
person 1 " a bro you gotta get rid of that sucubis, shes ruining your life, she doesn't even let you chill with me".

person 2 " yeah your probally right".

by olaf the pimp December 27, 2006
10 8
when something tight loosens for insertion then tightens back up
Josh went to China to find some chinky Asians to experience the power of the sucubis.
15 17