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A phrase used

a) when a situation is so uncomfortable, you'd feel almost less awkward if someone was sucking your butt. Granted, the butt would be the least favorable of places on a human body, any body actually, to suckle.

b) to express extreme distaste or misfortune in a situation.

c) to get people's attention. (With such a profound remark, your hopes, desires, questions and concerns will all be met by this simple phrase.)
I just made out with my cousin and I don't live in West Virginia! Sucks my butt!

Sucks my butt! I couldn't find the light switch in your bathroom and I really had to take a dump...where's your broom?

Frank: SUCKS MY BUTT! I can't find the chips!

Hot Chick: BBQ?

Hot Chick 2: Cheddar?

Hot Chick 3: Salt & Vinegar?
by reelnice June 15, 2011

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